Littleton Catering Menu​ & Boxed Lunches

Littleton All American Daddy Boxed Lunch

All American Daddy Boxed Lunch

Littleton Big Daddy Boxed Lunch

Big Daddy Boxed Lunch

Littleton Chicken Finger Boxed Lunch

Chicken Finger Boxed Lunch

Littleton Nashville Daddy Boxed Lunch

Nashville Daddy Boxed Lunch

Littleton Popcorn Chicken Boxed Lunch

Popcorn Chicken Boxed Lunch

Littleton Sunshine Salad Boxed Lunch

Sunshine Salad Boxed Lunch

Littleton Simple Daddy Boxed Lunch

Simple Daddy Boxed Lunch

Littleton Waffle Daddy Boxed Lunch

Waffle Daddy Boxed Lunch

Littleton Spicy Daddy Boxed Lunch

Spicy Daddy Boxed Lunch

Littleton 303 Daddy Boxed Lunch

303 Daddy Boxed Lunch

Nashville Finger Party Pack Available for Littleton Catering

Nashville Finger Party Pack

Family Finger Meal Available for Littleton Catering

Family Finger Meal

Popcorn Chicken Party Pack Available for Littleton Catering

Popcorn Chicken
Party Pack

Family Slider Meal Available for Littleton Catering

Slider Meal

'Lil Daddy Party Pack Available for Littleton Catering

‘Lil Daddy
Party Pack


Shack Crafted Sauces


Daddy’s Sauce



Jalapeno Ranch

Jalapeño Ranch

Chive Sour Cream

Chive Sour Cream

Spicy Mayo

Spicy Mayo

Ginger Mayo

Ginger Mayo



Sriracha Mayo

Honey Mustard

Honey Mustard

Spicy Sour Cream

Spicy Sour Cream

Daddy's Chicken Shack Littleton Catering Services: Exceptional Choices for Every Occasion

Welcome to Daddy’s Chicken Shack, where exceptional catering services meet mouth-watering chicken delights. Perfect for any event, our menu boasts a wide array of choices, from gourmet chicken sandwiches to fresh, vibrant salads, ensuring your guests experience unparalleled taste and quality.

We pride ourselves on our unique approach to catering. Our menu features a blend of traditional favorites and innovative creations, all prepared in-house at our Littleton location with the freshest ingredients. Our signature chicken sandwiches, a crowd-pleaser, are crafted with hormone-free chicken, ensuring a tender, flavorful experience in every bite. We cater to your preferences, including pressure cooked (crispy) or perfectly grilled options, making sure every guest is delightfully satisfied.

Catering Menu Choices

  1. Signature Chicken Sandwiches: Explore our range of gourmet sandwiches, each featuring our specially seasoned and pressure cooked (crispy) or perfectly grilled chicken, paired with unique sauces and fresh toppings.
  2. Fresh Salads: Ideal for lighter fare or as a complement to our sandwiches, our salads are fresh, colorful, and packed with flavor.
  3. Party Platters: Designed for convenience, our platters offer a mix of our best items, perfect for both formal and casual gatherings.
  4. Sides and Desserts: Complete your meal with our selection of classic and contemporary sides, and don’t forget to indulge in our tempting desserts.
  5. Beverages: Choose from a variety of drinks to perfectly match your meal.

Meeting Your Expectations

Experience hassle-free catering with Daddy’s Chicken Shack. Our dedicated team ensures every aspect of your catering needs is handled with care, from menu selection to delivery and setup. We provide Littleton catering services for all types of events, including corporate gatherings, family reunions, and special celebrations. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes us the go-to choice for memorable events.

Choose Daddy’s Chicken Shack for your next event and treat your guests to an unforgettable culinary experience. Our diverse menu, commitment to quality and serving Food Like The Photos®, and exceptional service make us the premier choice for catering services.  Let us know which main items and sauces you would like by selecting “view details” then “Request Catering” above. We’ll reach out with questions about your event, and help you determine the best selections of our menu for your guests.