Pressure Cooked Chicken Perfectly Grilled Chicken with Gluten Free Options


What type of chicken does Daddy’s Chicken Shack use?

A: We use premium, antibiotic/hormone free chicken, pressure-cooked (crispy) or grilled to perfection for a healthier option. Our Chicken is..

  1. Chicken that is never fed with GMO feed.
  2. Chicken that contains no Antibiotics.
  3. Chicken that has not nor ever been exposed to Hormones.
  4. Chicken that is raised humanely in the USA by family farmers.

Can I order Daddy’s Chicken Shack for takeout?

A: Absolutely, you can place an order for takeout through our website or by calling your local Shack directly.

Does Daddy’s Chicken Shack cater to events?

A: Yes, we offer catering services for all types of events. You can view our catering menu and place an order on our website.

Can I customize my order at Daddy’s Chicken Shack?

A: Absolutely, we encourage you to customize your order to your taste. Options are available through our ordering platform.

How can I find nutritional information for Daddy’s Chicken Shack’s menu items?

A: Nutritional information is only required once we reach 20 restaurant locations. We will be adding nutrition information in the coming months as we plan on far exceeding this number.

Are there vegetarian options at Daddy’s Chicken Shack?

A: Yes, we offer vegetarian sides. Our burrito can be ordered without chicken.

How does Daddy’s Chicken Shack ensure the quality and safety of its food?

A: We follow strict quality control measures, from sourcing ingredients to preparing meals, ensuring every dish meets our high standards.

How can I provide feedback on my Daddy’s Chicken Shack experience?

A: We value customer feedback! Please email [email protected].

Does Daddy’s Chicken Shack offer gluten-free options?

A: Yes, we have gluten-free menu items. Please inform us of any allergies or dietary restrictions when ordering.

Does Daddy’s Chicken Shack have seasonal menu items?

A: Yes, we offer seasonal specials. Check our website or sign up for our newsletter to stay updated.

How can I locate the nearest Daddy’s Chicken Shack?

A: Visit our website and use the store locator feature to find the nearest location to you.

Are franchising opportunities available with Daddy’s Chicken Shack?

A: Yes, we’re always looking for passionate individuals to join our franchise family. Please visit our franchising website for more information.

Are there any job opportunities at Daddy’s Chicken Shack?

A: We’re always on the lookout for new team members. Visit our careers page on our website to see current openings.

What is the best-selling item at Daddy’s Chicken Shack?

A: Our best-selling item is our signature Nashville Daddy Pressure Cooked Chicken Sandwich.

Can I buy a gift card for Daddy’s Chicken Shack?

A: Yes, gift cards will be available for purchase in 2024 once we roll out our loyalty program.

Does Daddy’s Chicken Shack offer delivery?

A: Yes, we offer delivery services through our partners. Please check our website for availability in your area.

What are Daddy’s Chicken Shack’s hours of operation?

A: Our hours vary by location, so please check the local Shack’s page on our website for the most accurate information.

Does Daddy’s Chicken Shack have a loyalty or rewards program?

A: Yes we do! Download our app in the Apple Apps Store or Google Play Store!

Does Daddy’s Chicken Shack have a kids’ menu?

A: Yes, we offer a kids’ menu with smaller portions suitable for children.

Is Daddy’s Chicken Shack involved with any community programs?

A: We believe in giving back to the community and participate in various local programs and events.